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Book 3 of the Simon Bloom series begins shortly after the conclusion of The Octopus Effect. With Sirabetta as their captive, Simon Bloom, Owen, and Alysha must journey to the Order of Chemistry to remove her powers. But other villains are hot on their trail, and something mysterious and terrible is happening within the Knowledge Union. Something that even frightens the Narrator and Miss Fanstrom as they watch from afar.

With Keepers disappearing and powers diminishing, Simon and his friends rely on their wits—and some unexpected allies—as they struggle to save the universe from descending into total chaos or worse, complete and permanent order.

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(Note: Gravity Not Included!)

This is the story of Simon Bloom, an imaginative 11-year old boy who finds the wondrous Teacher's Edition of Physics (or does it find him?), a Book that lets him control the laws of Physics.

Simon and his friends, Owen and Alysha, have a great time with these powers, but unfortunately, they're not the only ones who know about it. The Book belongs to a group, called the Order of Physics, who wants it back. Plus, there are two villains who will stop at nothing to get the Book for their own nasty plans. Of course, all of these people have their own science powers...and it's only a matter of time before they find Simon and his friends.

Now you, yes you, can control the universe! This book has action, adventure and humor, all set in a modern-day New Jersey town. With science as magic, almost anything is possible...but first you have to understand the rules to make it work!

David Lubar, author of HIDDEN TALENTS, TRUE TALENTS and many other great books, says, "Amazing, amusing, and highly inventive, this book is a keeper."

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No, no, you're not insane (at least not about this) - the cover of Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper has changed. This is what the hardcover version looked like.


Now available on Audiobook, you can hear Nicholas Hormann do an amazing job as the narrator. Listen to these samples:

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(Note: Get ready for the Effect!)

Book 2 of the Simon Bloom series takes place 5 months after The Gravity Keeper ended. Simon Bloom, Owen and Alysha are enjoying their lives as members of the Order of Physics, but everything is about to change. An old enemy is on the loose, and Simon must lead his friends in pursuit, taking them to the undersea dome that houses the Order of Biology.

What will they find there? Will they gain new powers? And just what is the Octopus Effect? You'll find out the answers to these, and at least two other questions (of my choice), in the sequel to Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper!

And yes, Simon has gotten new sneakers since the first cover...

Some of you may have seen the earlier cover for The Octopus Effect, but don't be fooled - you want the one with Simon's legs kicking deep, deep underwater. (Um, please don't try that at home...)


Available on Audiobook, you can hear Nicholas Hormann do another awesome job as the narrator. We're talking lots of new characters with all sorts of different voices - I highly recommend it! (I'll add audio clips soon...)


Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper has been published in several other languages...

Dom Quixote
has published it in Portuguese.

Elhuyar Fundazioa
has published it in Basque.

DTV Junior
has published it in German.

Patakis Publishers
has published it in Greek.

And coming soon:

Ediciones Destino will be publishing it in Spanish
Edicions 62 will be publishing it in Catalan
Matar will be publishing it in Hebrew
Bunkeido will be publishing it in Japanese

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